The United States of America National Committee for Crystallography (USNC/Cr) represents U.S. crystallographers in the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr) through the National Academy of Sciences. The IUCr strives to promote international cooperation and publication in crystallography; to facilitate standardization of methods, units, nomenclatures and symbols; and to form a focus for the relations of crystallography to other sciences.

How the committee functions

The USNC/Cr brings together crystallographers across these broad spectrums of fields and promotes the intellectual vigor and diversity of the crystallographic community through activities and issues in interdisciplinary research, research resources and facilities, education and travel support, Crystallographic databases, and publication standards and ethics.

By representing the broad U.S. crystallographic community, the USNC/Cr also serves a unique role in bringing together crystallographers with a wide range of perspectives. This role is increasingly important for maintaining a high level of professionalism in a community that spans several disciplines and professional societies and that needs communication and coordination internationally. The USNC/Cr will continue to seek to represent crystallographic leaders in the areas of biochemistry, structural biology, pharmaceuticals, materials research (including both amorphous materials and metals), surface studies, mineralogy, inorganic chemistry, powder diffraction, and crystal growth.  Maintaining the vitality of crystallography is important to several university departments advancing science. 

The Committee’s primary functions are:

  • To inform crystallographers in the United States concerning the activities of the IUCr.
  • To advise the President of the National Academy of Sciences on matters pertaining to U.S. participation in the IUCr.
  • To nominate to the National Research Council persons to represent the crystallographers in the United States as delegates to the General Assemblies of the IUCr and other meetings sponsored by the Union.
  • To provide information and guidance for such delegates.
  • To plan and sponsor scientific meetings in the United States in consonance with the objectives of the IUCr.
  • To perform such other duties as are required of national committees of adhering countries under the statutes of the IUCr.
  • To take any other action directed toward the benefit and advancement of the science of crystallography in the United States and throughout the world.

For more information about the USNC/Cr, see the recent article in the American Crystallographic Association’s RefleXions newsletter.

Public Reports

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