Branton Campbell (Brigham Young University)
Stephen K. Burley (Rutgers University)
Sue Byram (Bruker AXS)
Joe Ferrara (Rigaku Americas Corp) (CHAIR)
Cora Lind-Kovacs (University of Toledo)
Diana Tomchick (UT Southwestern Medical Center)


The finance and fundraising subcommittee monitors and reports on committee funds, income, and expenses, and also works to secure new sources of funding.

Ongoing activities and initiatives

  • Early-career crystallographic-database workshop. (2020-2021)
  • Maintain a three-year committee budget.
  • Raise funds in support of IUCr core functions and activities.
    • Obtain core support from major funding agencies (NSF, DOE, NIH, NIST).
    • Seek corporate and foundation sponsorships.
  • Organize a joint US-Canadian bid for the 2026 IUCr congress.