The USNC/Cr bears the responsibility to secure U.S. participation in the International Union for Crystallography (IUCr) through the payment of dues, which are 15,000 CHF (approximately USD 18,000) per year for the same level of adherence enjoyed by the United Kingdom and the Russian Federation.  This adherence allows U.S. scientists to serve in leadership roles within the IUCr Executive Committee, the IUCr General Assembly, the scientific commissions of the IUCr, and the editorial boards of IUCr Journals. 

The USNC/Cr needs your financial support to make this happen, and earnestly invites you to contribute.  Your contributions will be acknowledged in USNC/Cr promotional materials and at USNC/Cr meetings, and your organization’s logo will be displayed on the USNC/Cr website.  Because the USNC/Cr operates under the umbrella of the National Academy of Science, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, your contribution is fully tax deductible.

Online contributions can be made using through the website of the National Academies of Science and Engineering at, where you can choose the “Other” option and enter the name of this project as “IUCr dues”.  Please also inform Joe Ferrara (USNC/Cr Vice Chair) via email (, so he can verify the receipt of your contribution by the USNC/Cr.  Joe can also provide instructions on other contribution mechanisms, such as ACH electronic transfers or paper checks.


We are grateful for the support of all our sponsors, listed alphabetically below.