Every three years the USNC/Cr nominates to the National Research Council a five-member delegation and one alternate to represent the crystallographers in the United States as delegates to the General Assemblies of the International Union of Crystallography and other meetings sponsored by the Union .

2020-2021 Delegation for Prague, Czech Republic

Branton Campbell (Brigham Young University) (CHAIR)
Susan Byram (Bruker AXS)
Joseph Ferrara (Rigaku Americas Corp.)
Ilia A. Guzei (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Diana Tomchick (UT Southwestern Medical Center)
Joseph Tanski (Vassar College) (alternate)
Victor G. Young (The University of Minnesota) (alternate)

2017 Delegation in Hyderabad, India

Joe Ng (University of Alabama in Huntsville) (Chair)
Susan Byram (Bruker AXS)
Branton Campbell (Brigham Young University)
Cora Lind-Kovacs (University of Toledo)
Amy Sarjeant (Northwestern University)
Ilia A. Guzei (University of Wisconsin-Madison) (alternate)

2014 Delegation in Montreal, Canada

Brian Toby (Argonne National Laboratory) (Chair)
Christopher Cahill (George Washington University)
Katherine Kantardjieff (California State University, San Marcos)
Brian Matthews (University of Oregon)
Joseph Ng (University of Alabama)
Cora Lind-Kovacs (University of Toledo) (alternate)