BioXFEL International Conferences (Jan/Feb)
American Physical Society Meeting (Mar)
Americal Chemical Society Spring Meeting (mid Mar)
West Coast Protein Crystallography Workshop (Mar, odd years)
Materials Research Society Spring Meeting (Apr)
Experimental Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Conference (Apr/May)
Mid-Atlantic Macromolecular Crystallography Meeting (early Jun)
American Conference on Neutron Scattering (mid Jun)
GRC on Crystal Engineering (Jun, even years)
Northwest Crystallography Workshop (Jun, even years)
Protein Society Annual Symposium (mid July)
American Crystallographic Association Meeting (Jul/Aug, May/Jun on IUCr years)
Microscopy and Microanalysis Meeting (Jul/Aug)
Denver X-ray Meeting (early Aug)
GRC on Solid State Chemistry (July/Aug, even years)
GRC on Diffraction Methods in Structural Biology (July/Aug, even years)
Americal Chemical Society Summer Meeting (mid Aug)
Pittsburgh Diffraction Conference (Sept/Oct or Nov)
Mineralogical Society of America GSA meeting (Oct)
Materials Research Society Fall Meeting (Nov)
Buffalo Hamilton Toronto Annual Protein Crystallography Meeting (Nov)